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Pirates Saga is a social game that lets you become a pirate, fight for gold and glory, plunder countless enemy ships and live out a great adventure!

Starting as a young pirate, a world of opportunities is open for you. Plunder and pillage, hunt for sea monsters, raid merchant ships – and seek ancient treasures! Will you become the scourge of the seas, or will you turn a one-eyed Robin Hood?

Fight with friends in real time! Build the strongest ship, complete the best crew – and show your friends a true naval superiority. Compete for the prestigious seat in the Pirate’s Board, while thwarting the efforts of your enemies. Secure alliances with other players and crush all opposition.

Follow the great adventure, which will take you to distant islands and ancient treasures. Beware the dreadful Blackbeard – and never let him outbest you. If you play your cards right, there’s nothing you can’t do in the fabulous game of Pirates Saga. Play now and see for yourself!

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  • Compelling storyline, which will guide you through fascinating adventures.

  • Fight or cooperate with other players in real time.
  • Discover the secrets of Caribbean – find ancient treasures and more!

  • Beautiful and detailed environments. Hear the waves, see the wind in your sails – feel like a true pirate!

  • Tens of customizable ship models, all carefully researched.
  • Gather your friends and fight together against menacing pirates and sea monsters!
  • Complete your own crew, improve your ship – and rule the waves!